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So What Did Jesus Die For?

December 31, 2009

Two nights ago I sat up and watched the movie “The Ultimate Gift” on the Hallmark channel.  Great TV flick and definite recommended watch.  I won’t give you the plot, but in the movie there is a little girl who has leukemia.  Maybe I was just on an emotional binge, but I cried.  I was just gripped by how ugly and awful it is when children suffer and I really felt a heaviness of loss.  I went in to see my kids while they were sleeping, kissed them, and cried.

Today, I found out that a lady that my brother, sister, and I had literally grown up with has a very serious and aggressive disease.  I again have been gripped with a heaviness.  I am reminded of the reality of suffering and evil.  Just how real the Fall of man is.  How awful and hopeless this life is without Christ.

You know, I believe that the church of today is sometimes (all too often I’m afraid) deceived  into self improvement religion.  It’s the idea that if I follow Jesus then things are going to get better, I’ll have a “blessed life”, and there will be physical prosperity.  Sometimes that does happen.  In Christ, our lives will be full and blessed.  But we are also promised another blessing – the road of suffering.  Often people choose to follow Jesus and things in life seem to get worse.

Our reward is Christ. Not financial security or physical health.  At times, God moves in those ways and glorifies His name as we live as His adopted Children.  At others, God is glorified as we refuse to bow in the face of great pain or tragedy and lift up His name in our darkest hours acknowledging our adoption as His children.  His name is Jesus, we are His and He is ours by the work of the cross.

What did Jesus die for?  He gave His life in obedience to His Father to pay the penalty for our sin.  He died that we might know Him and be known by Him.

Whether in loss or gain in this life, we must set our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.  If we truly treasure Christ in times of prosperity, we will be generous and pour out to others.  If we treasure Him in times of suffering and pain, we will give thanks as we mourn because we will persevere, grow in character, and have hope (Romans 5:3).

Hope. His name is Jesus.  He heals, sets free, delivers, never leaves, and carries us through.

As you read this, pray for our friend Monica and have hope in Jesus.


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  1. Amen! Great post Scott!

    • Howdy Allen! I pray you are doing well! I need to see you guys sometime! Drop me a line on facebook and catch me up on what’s new! You know you are one of the most authentic loving Jesus religious without religion people I know! 🙂 I miss you crazy guys.

  2. I say Amen! Let it ring!
    Thanks for the very true post!

  3. Amen! Our only hope is in Jesus. I get the awesome priveledge of bringing His message of love, hope, healing and freedom daily to several hundred teachers and students at the public high school where I’ve been placed by the Master. Beautiful post my brother! We’re praying for your friend Monica and all the Hobbs’ siblings and families. I love your heart for Jesus!

    Blessings, Doug and Nancy

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