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January 7, 2010

It was about 9 years in the making and it landed on me last week during family vacation.  Some might call it an emotional breakdown, I would call it burnout. From 2001, when Lisa and I began a series of miscarriages to church transitions, financial things, and a break-neck pace of life in the present, my mind, spirit, and body would not let me continue.  In those moments, you make a decision.  You either lose all hope and give up or you get determined that things are going to change.  I have that determination.

Since last week, I have begun a journey of rearranging my schedule, re-investing in my devotional life, prioritizing family, and such.  I read a great book entitled “Leading on Empty” by Wayne Cordeiro (I would highly reccomend it if you are struggling).  I am hearing God so clearly in these last few days.  Tuesday, I was awakened at 5 AM and as clear as an audible voice I had Jeremiah 33 on my mind.  I couldn’t have told you what Jeremiah 33 is about.  So I got up, grabbed my journal and my bible and cracked it open.  The title of the chapter was this:

“The Promise of Restoration”

That got my attention. I have felt like I was spinning my wheels, struggling in some of my relationships, and losing the grip on my calling.  Here I was in the early morning hours and God was reminding me of a promise.  The chapter goes on to share that out of Israel’s suffering and wrong choices in the past, that God, out of His love and mercy, bring healing, health, forgiveness . . . restoration!  God also says that He will never break His covenant with His people!

Hear me today!  Call out to Him and He will hear.  He comes with a promise of restoration.  No matter where you began, He can meet you where you are today, and out of that suffering, He brings a promise of hope and a future!  You may need to make some choices of how you spend your time or how you steward your resources, but God will never break His covenant with you!


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  1. Debbie J. Mitchell permalink

    It has been almost 10 years now since my family was killed at the broadkill beach house fire. My suffering has been debilitating to say the least. My husband Dick, 48, My daughter Shannon, 18, My two sons JP 9, and Matthew 8, along with my grandson Donald age 23 months were all killed and me the only survior. At the time of their deaths I did’nt have a personal relationship with GOD. I believed in GOD and knew there was a heaven and hell, but to live a true christian life, I was lost. After the fire and I lost my whole family, There was only one person who could help me to not go insane.

    This was Jesus Christ. He came into my life and has helped me to perserver and slowly move forward. I have made many many bad choices along my struggle but, Jesus and the Holy Spirit dwell in my heart and although I still faulter, I know GOD is there for me, to hold me when I fall.

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Thanks so much for your comment. I was so blessed by your story. I love your statement, “This was Jesus Christ”. He is there for us, He meets us where we are, and sets us free.

    Blessings to you, I am so sorry for what you have lost and will praying for you as you continue your journey.

    Scott Hobbs

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