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33 – Begin

January 11, 2010

A week and a half ago, I had a nervous breakdown. Not an upset moment or angry fit. A bonified breakdown.

It has probably been 9 years in the making . . .

  • Quick sum-up since 2001
  • Quick re-tell of two weeks leading up to breakdown and taking a nap to shut down

A past and habit of poor choices with ongoing and permanent consequences.

  • I didn’t know in 2001, that working instead of grieving would lead to this
  • I didn’t plan to internalize change as failure and let it chip away at me
  • However, when we misuse what God has given it eventually all comes crashing down

Have I been intentionally living an un-Godly life – NO!

Have I been doing some things well – ABSOLUTELY!

Have I been, in some ways, living at an unsustainable pace – You got it

When I woke up, I knew 2 things

  • I was not well
  • I was determined to live different, to begin again

So I sat down and talked to my wife, I began reading a book called “Leading on Empty” by Wayne Cordeiro and making some decisions. I made it through the week. On Saturday, I began to feel the hand of the Lord, a second wind. However, on Sunday following church (we lost a guitar, a piano, sound, and video, and finally my voice) I had that knot and anxiousness again

I began to cry out to God in my brokenness and determination, knowing that it is Him alone that restore things.

Woke up at 5 AM with Jeremiah 33 on the mind.

  • NIV – “The Promise of Restoration” – I Cried.
  • We’re going to spend the next 3 weeks looking at Chapter 33 of Jeremiah as we begin this new year and I’m going to unpack for you the things the Lord laid out for me to embrace the life He’s designed us for.
  1. Captive in tough times – Context
    1. Jeremiah is in prison and the city is under siege by the Babylonians, they are about to go into exile and lose everything that has been important to them.
    2. God has been harsh dealing with His people because of their past wrongs
    3. The people have been reaping the consequences of bad decisions and disobedience
  2. A second time – Verse 1 – He is always pursuing, calling, reaching.
  3. Call to me – Verse 3
    1. Call to Him alone – deal with your idols
    2. Put your trust in Him – rely on Him as your source
    3. He will reveal – the things we cannot figure out on our own

As we begin this new year, you may look at the situations and decisions of you past and where they have brought you and be overwhelmed.

  1. Out of the past, the sufferings will rise:
    1. Vs 6 – Healing, Health, Peace, and Security
    2. Vs 7 – Rebuilt in freedom
    3. Vs 8 – Clean and forgiven
    4. Vs 9 – Restored to worship and blessed as God’s children

I want to encourage you to look at what God has promised and have hope! “He never leaves or forsakes us”

Just as God worked in and through the sufferings of the Israelites, today you can look up out of your past and towards this year and have hope. If we call out to Him, listen to, and respond to His voice – We have hope and an amazing future – Jeremiah 29:11

Next week – we will look at our present and how we are to structure our lives for service, holiness, and abundance.


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