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Family Update

January 25, 2010

I’ve been a little absent from blogging for a number of days here and I thought I would catch all of you up!  I’ve been hard at work reorganizing a lot of my personal life and it’s going well.  I’m eating better (apples and orange juice!), resting more, and giving my time to the most important things that God has given me responsibility for.  I’m finding that I’m more productive and enjoying myself more.

I would encourage all of us to slow down, take stock, and invest in the most important things. You only get to live this side of heaven once and you can’t do it all.  So do the most important.  Only you can develop your relationship with Christ, be a husband or wife to your spouse, be a parent to your children, fulfill your call of God.  Make drastic changes if you need to.

Lisa and I are doing well and the kids are growing up too fast.  We are excited about the kids growth and development in Christ.  We are excited about the ministry that God has laid out before us at Eagle’s Nest and with Higher Place over this year.  Blessings to you guys and thanks for you prayers and support!

Scott, Lisa, and the Kids

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