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33 – The Sure Thing

January 26, 2010

Ever heard the phrase?

“As sure as the sun rise”

It’s amazing – every morning if you get up early enough I will bet you good money that the light will rise over the horizon.

So sure is the sun rise and the orbit of the moon that most ancient civilizations created their calendars based upon their observations of these celestial bodies.

The calendars still hold true today accurately and consistently.

It’s a guarantee.  It’s a sure thing.

Tonight I want to talk about the two ends of the spectrum.  Things that are a sure thing and that aren’t.  Things you can bank on and things that you can’t put your faith in.

Not so sure

People, no matter how great they are.  Just aren’t sure things.

–          Israelites letting God down in OT

Money, no matter how much it is.  Just isn’t a sure thing

–          Israelites falling away when they had more and grumbling when they had less

Circumstances – they way things are now – just aren’t sure things

–          Israelites were about to fall into real dire circumstances

For sure  – Jeremiah 33:19-26 – reference the Sun and Moon bit from intro

Never pass away until the end of time

Deed/Word Theory

God’s presence in our lives

–          Never leave nor forsake us

–          The indwelling of the Holy Spirit

–          This is the key to everything else

Jeremiah 29:11


–          As the church, as a people

–          John 10:10 “Life overflowing” – grow “Life to the full”

Suffering but not to harm

–          We all will suffer – at the very least in death

–          It’s up to us with what we do – Paul, Philippians 3:10 “Fellowship of Sufferings”

–          Embrace and grow – fight and die


–          1 Timothy 1:1 “Jesus, our hope”  His name is Jesus – life overflowing and eternally

A future

–          The church remains and will endure Ephesians 5:25-27

–          Eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord

How are you living? What are you building your life upon? A sure thing?

Matthew 7: Foolish man/Wise man – It’s a choice we make in the way we live our lives and prioritize what we have been given

I am proposing a drastic change inside and out.


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