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Open Eyes

February 10, 2010

I tend to be one who closes his eyes at times when I lead worship.  I find myself “pressing in” passionately offering what I am to the Lord in those moments.  I am a firm believer in authentic physical expression as part of our worship to the Lord.  It’s biblical, it’s actually natural, and it’s freeing.  Bob Kauflin posted the following article over at his blog and I thought it was very thought provoking.  Read it and let me know what you think!

  1. Matt permalink

    Hey Scott. Amidst the fallout of the snow I happened to meet one of my neighbors. He was walking past my house as I shoveled snow, the man happened to be the one and only Pastor Bob Weed.

    I had never met the man, but like you I am also a worship leader, though one of four at my church, Cannon Mennonite Church. We had a nice conversation including the topic of worship music. I told him my favorite resource for worship is Bob Kauflin, and I asked if his worship leader (I didn’t know your name at the time) had heard of him. Well I just got my answer, what a strange day it’s been.

    I think I was the first to reply to Bob’s post, so you can see my position, sorry for that 🙂
    However, closing your eyes while leading worship is definitely something that can be a natural reaction, and is not entirely out of line.

    • Hi Matt!
      Thanks for the comment. The fallout from all of the snow can be a great thing. You get to meet your neighbors, help some folks out, and make new worship friends! 🙂

      Bob Kauflin’s writings have had a profound impact on me. If you dig through my posts here and at my personal blog, you’ll find I reference him a lot.

      I’d love to chat with you some more about Jesus, worship, and ministry. Blessings!

    • By the way, I get annoyed at the exaggerated breathy singing as well. 🙂

  2. Matt permalink

    Yeah hopefully our roads cross at some point.

    I agree, Kauflins book -Worship Matters, along with his blog, contain a great wealth of knowledge, he has the gift of being a humble teacher.
    Our church sponsored its Worship Team in attending WorshipGod09, which is put on by Kauflin and Sovereign Grace Ministries. It was a great experience for a leader and had workshops for all members of your team, I’d highly recommend it.

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