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The Proverbial Journey 1

March 1, 2010

If you Google “proverb definition”, you will get a ton of varying definitions all generally pointing to the idea of a statement or phrase expressing a basic truth or moral principle.  I think these definitions sell what is contained in the Book of Proverbs tremendously short.  They aren’t just sayings that help us have a better life.  They aren’t just ideas to help us attain success.  They contain ways to avoid destruction, understanding of the fear and knowledge of God, for the prolonging of life, and much more.  These verses aren’t just moral axioms for a better life, they are spiritual truths inspired by God that teach us to live according to His nature.

Proverbs Chapter 1

Vs. 1-7 Solomon tells us that if we apply these things we will

  • Gain wisdom and insight, understanding words of wisdom
  • Acquire a disciplined and prudent life which leads to doing what is just and fair
  • Simple folks will learn good steps to live by and young will gain knowledge and learn how to make good decisions
  • Wise folks will add to what they know
  • Gain guidance

Vs. 7 tells us that it all has to start with being a follower of God.  Under the Old Covenant, the phrase “the fear of the Lord” meant “keeping the faith” or “practicing the religion”.  For us, under the new covenant, this would mean, “following Christ”.  So for us, “Following Christ” is the beginning of wisdom.  It all starts and ends with Jesus.  We can practice all of the principles in this book, and if it is not founded on a relationship with Christ, we will only see some earthly benefit and miss the eternal impact.  Jesus came to bring life and life overflowing, this means life now and forever.

Vs. 8-19 Is a warning against allowing selfish desires and living to gain prosperity in this life.  Again this points us to the understanding that we are to pursue God first (the fear of the Lord is the beginning) and, as it says in Matthew 6:33, “all these things shall be added to you”.

Vs. 20-33 Is a warning against hearing and rejecting God’s wisdom.  We’ve all seen this principle work in our lives.  We hear God’s truth on an issue, we don’t obey it, and we eat a bowl full of consequences.

So the journey begins with a the simple but eternally imperative that life flows from God so we must begin and stay in Him.  What a gift the Lord has offered us by allowing us to receive His wisdom.  Walking in His ways will lead us to know Him more, live a life of eternal significance, and have a life of purpose.

I want to encourage to to take the month of March and read one chapter a day from the book of Proverbs.  Write down at least one verse from each chapter and why it stuck out to you.  Ask God to speak to you through these verses.

What are your thoughts on Chapter 1?


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  1. Helen permalink

    I think vs 4 thru 7 mean the most to me right now. I had a wise woman speak into my life yesterday and these verses show me the importance of the role of an older woman in the Lord to the younger women. I want to be a woman who “listens and add to my learning, I want to get guidance and understanding of the proverbs and parables and sayings of the wise”. I want to fear the Lord and I don’t want to despise wisdom and discipline!

  2. I noticed how it says, I think it was in verse 32, that simply being complacent toward the wisdom of God can cause our destruction. It really spoke to me that I don’t even have to actively reject His instruction to reap negative consequences, simply being indifferent can be enough.

  3. Thanks for the comments! Helen, this principle has been one of the most important to me in life. I have had several “spiritual parents” that have spoken into my life at crucial points and have mentored me in Christ. God has used them to help mold me and guide me.

    Megan, Good point. In some was complacency is equally if not more destructive than rejection. I have heard it said that “the opposite of love is not hate, it is apathy.”

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