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“Wait” by Joseph Andrew Sasser

March 1, 2010

I believe one of the powerful principles we find in scripture is what I call spiritual parenting.  We see Elisha looking up into the sky as Elijah is taking off in a fiery chariot saying, “My father, my father”.  We see Moses and Joshua. One generation raising, leading, and releasing another.  We see Jesus and the 12.  Jesus says, “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father” and we see Him pour His life into these guys who are then transformed.

We need spiritual parents.  As we mature in Christ we will also need to pour our lives into others.  I have had the benefit of of a several spiritual parents.  My parents have been the primary ones for me.  Their tireless service to others and modeling Christ-likeness have forever impacted my life.  They have truly loved me with and raised me in the knowledge and love of Christ.  Fay Nelson and Cliffann Perry of Creative Ministries have been as well teaching me the difference between worship and performance.  They also inspired me to be creative and also unafraid of being who God created me to be.  Kenny Davis has taught me tons about child-like faith and unashamed worship.

Joseph Sasser taught me about learning to hear the sounds of heaven and to sing the Father’s heart.  He very much was a spiritual father to me in worship.  You can read a bit more about him by following the link at the top of the page here.  He wrote a song called “Wait” that has been powerful in my life at many points.  I have posted a recording of it that was done when Mike Blair, Joseph Walters, and I ministered at a CFO Camp in Georgia a number of years ago at the link below.  I pray that you will be as blessed by it as I have.

I miss you bunches Joe.


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