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The Proverbial Journey 19

March 19, 2010

Proverbs Chapter 19

Just one verse today!

Do you know the Book?  Are you living your Christian life on the basis of what you’ve been told you should believe and do, or is it based upon the drawing of the Holy Spirit and the revelation you have found for yourself in the Bible?

2 It is not good to have zeal without knowledge,
nor to be hasty and miss the way.

I have been there at times and I meet a lot of people in the Christian faith who are passionate about God, but are running on some prominent preacher’s or leader’s teachings or books alone.  How often do we go back and check what we’ve been taught in scripture?  How often do we get excited about a “movement” in Christianity and run with it without really seeking God’s heart on the issue?  I have and I’ve gotten burned at times or found myself at an incorrect place.  Remember this:

“The Bible is our final authority for faith and practice”

We need to be submitted to Godly leaders who point us to scripture and point us to Jesus.  We need to read books by authors who write about scripturally sound subjects.  But you and I are responsible to also OWN OUR OWN FAITH.  We need to study scripture for ourselves, pray and seek God for oursleves, and be a part of an authentic biblically based community so we can grow together.

Be careful about quickly chasing after the latest, popular thing.  There are principles in scripture that, when practiced, usher powerful moves of God.  If we simply pursued “loving our neighbors as ourselves”, it would have a radical impact.

Study the Bible, Commit to be under leaders who really know and practice the Bible, Be a part of movements that are based on sound doctrine from the Bible.  Then that will become the measuring stick for things we see around us.  We will be able to judge what is God and what is not.

Take the time and press into God’s word, spend time with Him, and know!

How about you guys today?  What do you think?


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  1. I find that I get stuck reading some really good “books” but often make the mistake of not reading God’s Book. I need to go back to the Bible and check the other things I am reading with what it has to say. Thanks for this journey through Proverbs and have a great weekend.

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