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Music Alert

March 25, 2010
  1. John Mark McMillan has released a single on Itunes that is a must get.  It’s called “Skeleton Bones” and it comes with a video for “How He Loves”.  Be sure and grab it.
  2. If you’re not listening to Fee.  You should be. Megan Shepard and Jeffery Peck led worship last week and did Fee’s “O’ Happy Day” in the set.  Check them out!
  3. Rita Springer has been spending a ton of time on my Ipod lately.  We do her version on a number of songs at our church.
  4. Mattew Lilley of 622 Ministries, one of my buddies, has been putting up some new songs he’s writing via his blog.  Go take a peek.
  5. As always, go check out Jonathan David Helser.  I love what the Lord is doing in and through Jonathan and his wife Melissa.  The Lord ministers His presence powerfully though Jonathan’s songs

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One Comment
  1. tim permalink

    awesome! thanks for the music alert. in addition the kids and I spent most of the day listening and dancing to Israel Houghton here is an awesome song called “Just wanna say”

    Also I have been enjoying New World Son out of Canada. Check them out here

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