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The Proverbial Journey 25

March 25, 2010

Proverbs Chapter 25

8 do not bring [b] hastily to court,
for what will you do in the end
if your neighbor puts you to shame?

9 If you argue your case with a neighbor,
do not betray another man’s confidence,

10 or he who hears it may shame you
and you will never lose your bad reputation.

Think before you speak.  Man, I struggle with this sometimes.  I am a verbal guy.  I love to talk and I do it too much.  As Aretha Franklin would say, “You better think, think, what you’re trying to do to me!”

What happens is get so concerned with our perspective that we miss the whole picture at times.  We don’t think of the consequences or our mess that we haven’t owned in the situation and it can come back to bite us.

Have you ever done it?  You jumped in on an argument or went on a crusade against a person only to find that you didn’t have all the facts or that part of it was your fault?  It’s embarrassing and worse, it can damage how people see Jesus in you.  You don’t have to be wrong to repent.  Don’t be so caught up in being right that you make yourself wrong and miss the opportunity to reveal Jesus to people.  We have to remember that we are ambassadors for Christ.  We are here to live for His cause not ours.  When we “hastily” jump into fights, arguments, and gossip, we misrepresent Jesus to the world we are supposed to be taking Him to.

Another phrase that comes to mind here is, “Count the cost”.  We’ve got to remember what the goal is.  Is this issue a fight you need to give your energies too?  If you give all of your effort to this issue you are so angry about, will it rob you of your witness, family time, or time with God?  Are we pursuing the will of God or the things that our emotions and hurts push us to?  Count the cost.

What other verses from this Chapter jumped out at you guys?


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