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On The Night Before

April 1, 2010

Today, I want to begin a journey to Sunday when we will celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.  On the night before Jesus was crucified he had a final meal with His disciples and washed their feet.  You can read the accounts here: Luke 22, Matthew 26, Mark 14, John 13.

As I was praying this morning, I was thinking through the phrase, “On the night before”.  Jesus knew in just a few hours he would be betrayed, denied, rejected, beaten, and killed. So this “night before” was a paramount moment between Jesus and His followers.  It wasn’t just some stop on the way to the cross.  It wasn’t just another teachable moment.  The disciples were about to be subjected to the greatest fear, loss, and heartbreak of their lives.  To them, in a few hours, it would seem that all was lost.  So, in the moments “on the night before” Jesus was imparting into these guys the most precious and paramount information from His heart.  It was the knowledge of what this whole deal was going to be about and how it was to change them.  It was what they desperately needed to know.

“This is my body . . .” “This is my blood . . .”  “Unless I wash you, you have no part of me . . .” “do as I have done for you . . .”

We live in the light of the resurrection.  Death, hell, and the grave have been conquered.  The work has been completed and sin has been paid for.  However, every moment of life is our “night before”.  You are not promised tomorrow.  You only have this very moment that you find yourself in.  What is it that God would have you impart to those around you?  You have been given new and eternal life as you have believed in Jesus.  Jesus said, “remember me”, “love God with all . . . love your neighbor as your self”, “do as I have done for you”, “go into all the world. . .”.  This is your moment, your “night before”, do the most important thing!


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