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In Between

April 3, 2010

Saturday. Not much about the time in between the crucifixion and resurrection in recorded in scripture.  All they had given their lives for was taken away and that hope was buried in a borrowed tomb.

We can’t imagine what the followers of Jesus must have been feeling the day after the crucifixion and the day before the resurrection.  They were in that place of uncertainty that exists between the moment of devastation and the moment of deliverance.

It is a tough place to be. In 2001 there was 6 days between the time we found out that our unborn baby of 22 weeks was sick and the time she died.  That truly has been the most awful, terrifying, and painful time of our lives.  We cried, prayed, lived in fear, and did our best to persevere. The only thing we had to hold onto and to do was the Word of God.  We prayed the promises, obeyed all the passages we could find related to healing, worshipped, and waited.  On the seventh day, when we found out that our baby had died, we were overwhelmed with the work God had done in our lives through our perseverance and waiting at His feet.  God has done more than we could think or imagine.  What was a horrible tragedy in our lives, He has molded into hope, power, and freedom.

I want to encourage you today that if you are in between devastation and deliverance, pray the promises, persevere, worship, wait at His feet, and believe.  God’s word is true!  Jesus told the disciples he would rise. He was killed in a moment of devastation, but in three days deliverance came and He rose from the grave!


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