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Journaling, Devotions, and Hearing from God

April 14, 2010

We believe firmly that God’s word is life to us.  Intimacy with God doesn’t happen by accident.  It is the result of an intentional and relentless pursuit.  God pursuing us and us pursuing Him.

Learning to discern God’s voice is huge.  We tend to do a lot of talking at God instead of talking with Him.  It takes practice and time to develop our prayer lives into a times of conversation, worship, silence, and intimacy.  Over the years, as we have been mentored by people like John Hobbs, Joseph Sasser, Fay Nelson, Cliff Ann Perry, Kenny Davis, and Ken Helser, we do a lot of teaching on how to develop disciplines of intimacy with God.

Below I’ve linked to simple guide we pass out at workshops to help people get started in their pursuit.  It is a jumping off point.  I hope it is a blessing for you guys!

Remember, the pursuit of God started when He pursued you first.  The next step is, by His grace, chase Him in return.

Devotional and Journaling Ideas

Also, visit Jonathan and Ken Helser’s website,, and get in touch with them.  They do a tremendous amount of ministry surrounding journaling and have had a profound impact on us.


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