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The Post Resurrection Life 1

April 21, 2010

The Post Resurrection Life

Last week’s teaching on Faith.  It’s not just a word.  It is our belief being fleshed out in how we live.  It is a conviction that shapes our very existence.  It is just NOT church attendance, Bible reading, and good deeds.

I wanted to start there.  Romans 10:9,10.  We must come in faith, by faith we are justified, and through faith we please God.

We just celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus and are now in that period of 40 or so days where we observe the coming of Pentecost.

There are some things out of this period that I want us to look at over the next few weeks.

Sum up about last week’s Sci Fi Book.  I thought it was about . . . but at the end I realized it was about something completely else.

Don’t you thing the disciples felt this way?  Do you think they imagined things would shake out the way that they did?

There they were afraid, shattered, confused, scattered.

  1. Matthew 26:56 – They abandoned Him.
  2. Luke 22:54-62 – They made mistakes out of fear (Peter).
  3. John 20:19 – They went into hiding.
  4. John 21:1-4 – They went back to what they used to do.

In the wake of disappointment, pain, death, and un-met expectations, we do these things.

This is not what Jesus died and rose again for.  We are destined for the post resurrection life.

So, Jesus appeared to His disciples to reveal Himself as the one who would:

  1. Will never leave – Mark 16:7, “just as He told you” – God’s word is forever and true. He goes on to tell them in Matthew 28:20 “Sure I am with you always” – Holy Spirit
  2. Always forgive and restore – John 21 – the Restoration of Peter
  3. Drive out fear – Luke 20:36-52, Matthew 28:16-20 – Met with them to show them He was alive and to prepare them to go out in boldness.
  4. And never leaves us the same – Acts 1:8 – More in the messages to come

Post resurrection life is to be marked by:

  1. God’s presence – He is with us
  2. God’s character/nature – Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness
  3. God’s love – Casts out all fear
  4. God’s Power – The Holy Spirit

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