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A Few Things

April 23, 2010

Here are a few things that are on my mind today complete with links . . . in case you’re interested.

  • Since I’ve been a follower of Jesus, I’ve had a desire to walk with God.  But as of late, I’ve got this stirring hunger for God’s presence that has been overwhelming.  There is definitely something going on that’s awesome and unfolding!
  • I am such a Coca Cola fan and nobody can tell me that Pepsi tastes the same!
  • I am so blessed to be a co-laborer in the harvest with the folks in the Eagle’s Nest worship department.  They are dedicated, passionate, and hungry for the move of God.
  • Lisa is is attending a musical today with her drama class, I’m hanging out with Olivia while Victoria and Joseph are at school.  I just want you to know that my family rocks!
  • I am excited about Iron Man 2, but I hope it doesn’t fall into the “Cheesy Sequel” trap.
  • I love my Kindle! Tons of books in my hand!
  • I’ve got a lot to do to help get ready for the Eagle’s Nest Men’s retreat this coming week and it’s going to be an awesome time!  Ken Johnson, the chaplain for the Indianapolis Colts, will be ministering!
  • I can’t wait for Small Group tonight!
  • Yes this is random, but it’s my day off and I’ve got time to think!

What’s on your mind today?


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