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It’s Not About Me

May 12, 2010

So today I get the chance to be another year older.  I didn’t turn 38 today.  I GET to be 38.  I am completely assured that I could not take my next breath save for the grace of God.  I have had the chance to spend time with my mom and dad this week.  I have been humbled at the gift I have been given in them.  They have modeled Jesus for me.  I was really filled with joy and sadness today as I left my wife and youngest daughter at home and then dropped off my two older children for school.  Joy in the knowledge that they are amazing and that each moment I have with them is precious.  Sad in the time that we will spend apart knowing that each moment that passes is forever gone.

All of this puts a resounding reminder in my mind.  It’s not about me.  If I make it about me then I will miss honoring my parents, miss embracing the moments with my family, begin to believe that I am achieving things for myself, and miss what God is opening up all around me.  The true beauty of life is making it all about the giver of life.  He puts things in perspective and alines them in their proper order.  He takes the broken and makes masterpieces.  He takes failures and transforms them into testimonies.  He takes the weak and confounds the wise.

If I make this deal about me then my world will never be bigger than myself and what I can make it in all of my shortcomings.  But, if I make it all about Him then what lies before me is an adventure as big as God Himself.

So today, make it all about God and let Him make it about you.  Take care of your relationship with Jesus.  Then your eyes and heart will be opened to the most amazing and really important things that lie all around you.  You will have more opportunities to participate in what God is doing than you can imagine.  You will find yourself living a life of value and significance like you never dreamed.  You will discover the really important things like family, sacrifice, service, and generosity.  Remember is it’s not about you but you will be amazed at what is given to you when you have your priorities straight.

“Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.”


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