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June 17, 2010

If you’re like me and you hear or see the word “backwash”, it doesn’t bring great mental images.    Every time you put a cup to your lips and take a swig there is a natural and fairly unavoidable event that takes place.  There is a return force.  There is such an incredible truth in the nasty process.

1. Physically.

When you exhert yourself, whether it be in exercise or regular work, there is a backwash affect from those efforts.  Your spend energy, you spend time, you spend resources.  Afterwards, you typically need to rest, relax, and restore the things you have spent.

2. Mentally.

If you have ever cramed for a test or been incredibly worried about something, you know exactly what I’m talking aobut.  Everything from tiredness to headaches can result.  I find when I have too many things on my mind, I tend to forget things or have those annoying brain cramps.  If we go too long with mental stress and work, it can cause very difficult problems from anxeity to depression.  We need to remeber to rest our minds with fun, fellowship, worship, and sleep.

3. Spiritually.

Whether you understand it or not there is spiritual backwash.  We don’t simply live in a physical world, we are spiritual beings and we live in the midst of a spiritual war.  When we press into God and strive to grow in our faith we meet resistance (backwash).  The enemy of your soul press back against you to discourage and distract.  He seeks to wear you out and wear you down so that you will stumble and fall.  Have you ever had a season where you had an amazing encounter with God only to have a horrible week afterwards?  We need to counter the enemies resistance by rest and fellowship.  We need to read scripture and worship with abandon.  We need to take times of solitude and step away from the craziness to be still and hear God.  We need to pray and just be with Jesus.

Just some thoughts for today!  You’ll notice that rest is a reccomendation for all three issues.  We are overcommitted and too busy as a people.  I’ve heard it said, “If the devil can’t kill you, he’ll keep you busy”.


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  1. i have a problem with this business that you speak of. I have done it once again by signing up for two classes this semester instead of my usual one class/semester. staying up after midnight doing schoolwork multiple nights consecutively is not advisable.

  2. Megan permalink

    You know, it’s encouraging when you realize the horrible week after a big encounter with the Lord is to be expected. I used to think the horrible week meant the encounter wasn’t real or as significant as I’d thought. But I’ve come to know that the challenges after the encounter are to be expected. And maybe even the greater the challenges, the more significant the encounter. We have to persevere through whatever lies ahead to see the rest beyond it. It’s even THROUGH the challenges that we “work out” what the Lord has worked in us in the encounter. Just as we “work out our salvation with fear and trembling.” Through the difficulties we are refined, made holy and pure, made beautiful.

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