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June 18, 2010

We’ve been waiting for this movie for YEARS! Ever since Toy Story 2 came out, we had other questions we wanted answered and a desire for more adventures with the Toy Story crew.  Here we are.  We are probably going today to go see the movie.  I wonder though, with as much expectation as I have, if I’m going to be disappointed.

Are we expecting the right things as followers of Christ?  What do you expect from God?  What do you expect of yourself?  What do you expect of the church?  What do you expect from non-believers?  Our expectations really determine what we receive and how we behave.

I want to encourage you to get into the scriptures and see what they say about the nature of God.  Remember that if we are disappointed in God, we need to examine our expectations.  He is always true to His word and always fulfills His promises.  He always keeps His covenant.  We need to base our expectations on His truth, power, and nature and learn to see from His perspective as taught in scripture.  Having a heart of expectation based upon God unlocks the freedom, power, and move of God in our lives.

I’m still expecting the movie to be great, but I certainly expect God to be greater!


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