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July 1, 2010

I just starting reading a book called “It” by Craig Groeschel.  The premise of the book is that there is an “it” factor among people of faith and the ministries the are involved with that can be had and/or lost.  The “it” factor, in my understanding of scripture, is the favor of God.  It is His Holy Spirit at work among His people when they are obedient to what He has called them to.  In the first part of the book Craig lists 6 things that tend to be present in people who have “it”.  This list really struck me and the thoughts that flowed from that list filled about 14 pages in my journal.  I thought I would take the next several posts and share my thoughts about these six things.  I really feel there is something to be grasped here in this list that will unlock the move of God in your life and in the world He has called you to.

People who have it have:

  1. A passion for God’s presence
  2. A craving to reach the lost
  3. Sincere integrity
  4. Spirit filled faith
  5. Down to earth humility
  6. Brokeness

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One Comment
  1. Hey man, Amy will be up over the 4th weekend. Maybe she will see ya at church. have not read this one, but I am looking forward to what you post on the 6 things. Bring it on. Love ya. – Your BIG brother.

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