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Just You and me

July 13, 2010

Earlier Pastor Scott Hobbs posted a question.  “When is your favorite time to spend with Jesus and where?”  I love those times in the early morning and late evening when  all is quiet in my house and I really feel like it is just me and Him.   Well of course any time I am thinking Jesus and His Daddy the Creator, that gets the creative juices flowing.  God has given me some lyrics and I will post them below.  I invite all musicians to feel free and take them to create something awesome that we can use.  Only prerequisite is to honor God.  So lets collaborate and create something awesome.  Here is what I have so far:

Just You an me

talking about the day

it’s funny how time just slips away.

I’m sorry for the things i do

the things that keep me apart from you

But I know You are always there

You hear my every single prayer

You catch me when I fall

Pick me up, dust me off

Help me once again to stand tall

That is the way life should be

I love those times when it feels

like it’s just You and me.

  1. Helen permalink

    Tim – I am so excited about you and Megan writing songs. Sure wish I could hear the music you have put to these words! Hopefully you will get to share your song with the church soon! I love your open hearts to share what God is pouring into your hearts!

  2. Stephen Kavalkovich permalink

    Love it, and would love to add to it

  3. i need some help with this one. g and f to start kind of slow but the rest isn’t coming together. lets collaborate.

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