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How do you hear God?

September 3, 2010

Here’s a new one for our blog.  I want to have you guys respond here and let me know the different ways that God speaks to you.  How and where do you hear God?


From → Reader Q and A

  1. Through so many means for me: Music, Scripture, journaling, nature, people, conversations, the peaks & the valleys in life. Through victories & failures. God is so big & the ways in which He speaks to people — both people of faith & people who aren’t believers is amazing.

  2. tim permalink

    i can never hear from God unless i have been reading His Word.

  3. Megan permalink

    I usually realize I heard him afterward. Not so much that it’s too late, but in that I worried and fretted and second guessed, then get through it and realize it was okay and I had heard from him after all. Now how do you skip the fretting part is the question 🙂

  4. Alyssa permalink

    In the quiet moments with God. When i ask ask ask ask i only here my own voice. but when i dont ask and truly just seek the heart of God. Things are revealed to me. And i dont mean quiet in my surroundings i mean quiet in my heart, at peace that God has little ol’me in His hand.

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