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Name that Book

September 15, 2010

I’m a reader.  I love books.  There is just something that is amazing about holding someone else’s words in your hands.  There have been a number of books over the years that have had a powerful impact on my life. Books like, “Mere Christianity”, “Leading on Empty”, “The Normal Christian Life”, “My Utmost for His Highest” come to mind.  I’d love to know about what some of those books have been for you all.

So, aside from the Bible, what book or books have been the most influential in your life?  Leave me some comments!


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  1. Conrad Davenport permalink

    Velvet Elvis, SexGod, and Blue Like Jazz hands down. They helped me to get past the traditionalist view on Christianity that I had held my entire life and begin to explore Christianity deeper. I didn’t agree with every theological concept that they presented, but they allowed me to get outside of the box and think about my beliefs. SexGod especially, really helped me to begin to understand what the role of the relationship with my spouse was going (and is now) to be.

    Apart from those, Forgotten God and Crazy Love were absolutely amazing. They really helped me, again, to take the things that I’ve taken for granted for so many years, and dive a little deeper, exploring just what makes Christianity, Christianity. 5 absolutely amazing books. All for different reasons.

  2. Megan permalink

    Mere Christianity, my Utmost for His Highest and Hind’s Feet on High Places. More recently The Bondage Breaker.

  3. 5minutes permalink

    He Is There and He Is Not Silent, Francis A. Schaeffer
    A beautiful epistemological text on the philosophical need for Christ.

    Desiring God, John Piper
    Turning the Joy of the Lord into your life’s purpose. Excellent.

    On the Bondage of the Will, Martin Luther
    One of the best texts on God’s grace and sovereignty ever. Ever.

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