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Time Flies so Invest Wisely

September 22, 2010

Victoria, Grandaddy, and Kenny Davis

Victoria, our oldest child, is 12 years old today.  I, like most parents everywhere worth their salt, can remember like it was moments ago holding her in our arms for the first time.  I remember her taking her first steps in California at a Christian camp.  I remember her first day of school and how scared and sad and excited we were.  Now she’s 12.  My dad just happened to be traveling from up north through our area back home to North Carolina today and was able to stop by and see Vic on her birthday.  My dad and my mom both are 68 years old.  I remember being no more than 3 or 4 years old and sitting in his lap.  I remember so many of the times at night when he would come in and pray for me when he thought I was asleep.  I remember all of his words of wisdom when I was hurt, afraid, sad, and unsure.  I remember my mom sacrificing for us as dad was on the road doing ministry.  I remember the times that he and my mom worked so hard for us and modeled Christ for us that we might be more like Jesus.

My daughter is 12, my mom and dad are soon to be 69.  Time flies.  We are only allotted so much, but none of us know how much that is.  The Lord has been hammering me about paying attention to what is most important.

None of us are going to save the world.  Only Jesus can do that.  Our job is to invest in those that the Lord has given us.  You can’t reach them all, but you can loose those that are closest to you.  Time flies, invest wisely.


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  1. Helen permalink

    Well said, Pastor Scott! You made me cry! I hope Victoria has a wonderful 12th birthday. What a special age! Time certainly does fly. My parents are 85 and 83 and my youngest daughter just turned 27! I have been thinking how quickly our days pass. Just like the scripture tells us, we are here only for a moment! I hope I pour Jesus into whoever I have the priviledge of knowing! Thanks again for making us stop and think about the important things!

  2. Bonny Voshell permalink

    Well said! And I’m tearing up too. :o)

    • Bonny Voshell permalink

      That was supposed to just be a 🙂


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