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Let's Discuss Worship

October 19, 2010

Since we are looking at a time of change in our worship department over the coming months, I would like to get an open discussion going with you guys.  I would like for you guys to post your answers to the two following questions.

1. What are the things you value most in the worship department?

2. What are the things and areas in our department that you feel need attention?


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  1. things i value most: the feeling of a real family, the idea that its not about me and that everything we do points to Jesus. we really want to worship Jesus and we want to bring others into that worship experience with us.

  2. tim permalink

    well for me i need to learn my instrument better. i think we all could probably benefit from that.

  3. Megan permalink

    I agree with Tim; I think the most valuable thing we have going for us is that we treat each other like family. We place each other over the music we are creating because we are more important to each other than musical amazingness :).

    I think we could each work on defining our roles/committment level/responsibilities within the group. Not that we necessarily need to give more, but that we need to pray about what to give, and then give that with commitment and with excellence. What do you think?

  4. Waneta permalink

    I enjoy that we have the freedom to be ourselves in the group–and are loved anyhow. We are accountable to each other because we love each other, not because of a mandate. I especially enjoy times when we can pray together.

    I also would like new and fresh ideas on how to use my instrument. It’s a fine line between worship and performance. I like that we have chosen the worship side, but the more we know how to play/be involved skillfully, the more we can worship and not worry about what we’re doing. Last thought…..more parties 🙂

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