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When Stress Attacks

November 24, 2010

Here we are, the day before Thanksgiving and I found myself being really grumpy. I don’t know about you all, but I don’t deal with my stress until its technically too late.  I find myself apologizing for snapping at somebody or cleaning up the mess of things I forgot.

Here’s the deal, when we don’t rest properly or prioritize all of the “to dos”, stress builds under the surface.  Eventually, as we continue at the crazy pace, stress attacks. You snap, you cry, you throw your hands up in the air, you hurt somebody’s feelings, or worse.  Anxiety problems hit.

In my house currently, getting ready to move, the stress is high and its effects are leaking out. Today, I was definitely not in great shape. So … what do we do?

I like what Perry Noble says, “The Bible calls people who won’t work lazy. But it calls people who won’t rest disobedient.”  God created the Sabbath for man.  He expects us to keep things in order. Why? So we can love, serve, and function at our best capacity. You can’t get it all done in a day. You just can’t.  So, rest more. Go to bed early. Be obnoxious about your day off.  Family first! Don’t dump your uncompleted stuff on others. Worship corporately weekly. Spend some solitude time with God. And for goodness sake, have an amazing Thanksgiving tomorrow.  Laugh and share stories. Enjoy one another.

When I was on a missions trip in 2004, I was upset that we couldn’t finish he building project before we had to leave.  The foreman told me, “There was work in Africa long before you were born and there will sill be work to do long after you’re gone. You just have to do what you can while you’re here.”  Just do what you can while you can and then rest the rest of it in the grace of God.  He really is in charge.

Sorry for being grumpy today.


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  1. love you dude. get some rest. do what you can do. Prioritize that list of things. eat some turkey tomorrow and enjoy being with your family. you shall overcome!

  2. I figured something was up when we were on the phone last night. I’ll holla at you sometime.

  3. Oh, and I love you.

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