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Dear Eagle’s Nest

January 2, 2011

It has been such a powerful and amazing journey for Lisa, the kids, and I over the last 4 years with all of you.  We arrived at Eagle’s Nest in the winter of 2006 with great anticipation, excitement, curiosity, and wonder.  We quickly found family and friends who received us and embraced us.  Lisa and I have said numerous times that we have found some of the best friendships of our lives at Eagle’s Nest.  It has been incredible to see how God is moving mightily and powerfully in and through the lives of the Eagle’s Nest staff and family.

One phrase has come to my mind over and over in the last months during our transition to North Carolina, “I am so thankful!”

I am so thankful for people who loved us as if we have always been part of their family.  I am so thankful for a church who has embraced my wife and children and loved them with the love of Christ.  I am so thankful for a church who has willingly received us as we are and allowed us to freely pursue Christ.  I am so thankful for a church staff that passionately pursues the will of God and desperately wants to serve the congregation.  I am so thankful for a congregation of also passionately desires the will of God and wants to serve Christ together.  I am so thankful for church leadership that genuinely likes one another.  I am so thankful for Pastor Bob who has more integrity than just about anyone I have ever met.  He loves God and loves the people God has sent him to.  He has taught me how to lead people.  He has taught me how to make hard decisions in truth and love.  I am so thankful that my Pastor is my friend.  I am so thankful for Pastor Bill who without fear responded to the call of God and walked in outrageous favor because of his obedience.  I am so thankful for the staff that laughs together.  I am so thankful for lunches with Pastor Rodger, music and being a “bucket” with Pastor Mike, always knowing that Pastor John is doing beautiful, all of the crazy noises that Amy Brown makes, Matt Windsor’s insatiable appetite for good deals and the Gospel,  Kay Passwaters  being the nicest person in the building, for Leslie keeping us all on task, on time and off of rabbit trails, Larry Dasher fixing everything in the building that runs on electricity, and certainly for Linda Deaton (aunt Linda to my kids) who does all of those HUGE little things that no one sees.  I am thankful for Edie’s prayers and Jana’s kindess.  I am thankful for the school and it’s staff who have helped raise my children in the admonition of the Lord.  I am so thankful for those that work at the Camp Ground, Radio Station, and Day Care.  I am so thankful for a Worship Department that loves my family and takes care of us.  They are committed to lavishing Jesus with worship and washing the feet of the congregation they are called to serve.  They are my family and friends.  They have taught me so much.  They have been patient with me and covered my weaknesses.  I am so thankful to have been a part of seeing so many lives transformed.  I am so thankful for what the Lord has in store for all of us in the days ahead.

There are so many people that I could list and if I tried I couldn’t name them all.  There are so many memories and incredible stories I could tell, but there isn’t space to contain them.  Our journey through Delaware with you has been ordained by God and we are forever grateful.  I am just so thankful.

I am praying for all of you and you are forever in my heart.  Thank you so much for allowing us to journey with you, we are forever changed.  We miss you terribly already and it is going to be amazing to see what we are going to be doing together this year and the years to come.

I love you guys!

Scott, Lisa, and the Kids

  1. We love and miss u guys so much. Worship was a bit tough yesterday and a little sad without u there but we got it done! I am super excited about this new year and all the cool kingdom stuff that is about to explode hear on earth! We are praying for u guys and hoping that the transition continues to go smoothly. Have a great day , be blessed, and please keep in touch.

  2. Linda Wood permalink

    There was a sense of “missing” yesterday, but we still hold joy in our hearts and loving memories in our minds, for you have crammed a whole lot into four short years: building relationships, sharing His music, involving so many others in worship teams, building bridges, loving, teaching and welcoming “outsiders” in His church. Like Jabez, your territory has been enlarged and expanded simply because you have been totally obedient to His will. The Hobbs family has left an indelible impression on our hearts and minds, and we thank you for serving, loving, and befriending. Blessings.

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