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Family and Ministry Update

January 6, 2011

Hi Everybody! We are in the process of getting settled in here in North Carolina.  It has been a crazy whirlwind of activity over the last several months, culminating in the big move last week.  We loaded up, in the snow following the crazy blizzard, with an amazing crew of North Carolina and Delaware folks on hand.  It has been such a powerful experience to see God uniting two church families.  I am really looking forward to the future as we begin to do some events and ministry together.  Not only did people from Liberty Christian Fellowship come up to load us up, but Eagle’s Nest Fellowship folks took the four and a half hour trip down to move us in.

Victoria and Joseph will begin school on Monday (pending we get some mail so we can prove we live here!).  They both are excited and ready for the adventure!  Lisa is busy unpacking boxes and setting up house.  I had my first day at the church office on Monday and spent the day being force fed from a fire hose the information I need to get rolling.  It was a tad overwhelming.  I will be directly responsible for the worship department and overseeing the other ministry leaders in the church.  I am tremendously excited about what the Lord has instore.  The people here are incredible and the joy of working in ministry again with my dad is more than I can express.

There is a stirring in my spirit about 2011 being a “harvest” year both in the natural and supernatural.  I will pray that is true for all of you as well.  What I do know is if we stay faithful to Jesus, hear Him, and do what He says, there are powerful things in store!  We covet your continued prayers as we embark on this journey!

Be sure and check our schedule page for 2011 ministry dates and stay tuned for updates.

Much love to our Eagle’s Nest family up north, Liberty Family here, and all the rest of ya!

The Hobbses


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