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Road Trip and Update

January 30, 2011

It has been a week or two since we’ve posted much.  It’s been quite overwhelming settling in to this new season the Lord has placed us in.  The spring is shaping up to be a powerful time of ministry, recording, and grand adventures.  Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted.

We just returned yesterday from a multi-purpose road trip back to Delaware.  Lisa had to take our daughter, Victoria, for an Orthodontist appointment in Lewes, DE.  I needed to pick up some items that were left in Milton, DE from our move (I also got to crash the worship team practice at Eagle’s Nest on Thursday night, it was awesome worshipping with the gang!).  We were able to visit some of our Delaware friends and meet with Pastor Bob Weed.  Finally, we had a student ministry training engagement in Wilmington, DE.  It was so refreshing to hit the road again for a bit.  It’s amazing how our perspective can change when we step out of where we are and interrupt the routine.  Lisa and I had the chance to minister to more than 60 student leaders and see God show up in power.  It really was an incredible time.

I think my prayer right now is for us to pay attention.  It is so easy for ministry to become familiar.  I know how to prepare a worship set.  I know how to organize for church ministry.  I know how to prepare a talk and share with a group.  This weekend really kept us on our toes.  It can become so routine and comfortable that we become less dependent on Jesus as our source.  Then we begin to miss His move.  What has been refreshing for us over the last several weeks through this past weekend was that we’ve been out of our normal element, learning a new culture in the OBX, leading some ministry exercises for a group that we knew it would be a stretch for them at the student leader training event, and figuring out God’s directions for the church here.  We’ve had to really focus to hear God’s voice, make intentional choices in faith, and pray for boldness.  I want to pay attention.  I don’t want to be so used to how “it” goes that I miss the leadings, promptings, and direction from the Holy Spirit.  I want to do the hard things.  God is really moving in some tangibly powerful ways here and I don’t want to miss it.

We are excited and are feeling a refreshed sense of vision.  The kids are doing great.  Victoria has turned into quite the evangelist in her new school situation!  Joseph is plugging right in, Olivia is a cute little mess, Lisa is feeling great and we’ve been able to have some really powerful times of worship together.

Thanks for the prayers and support!  It’s going to be an exciting season!

Come and be with us at The Boiler Room with Jonathan Helser on February 11th!

Much Love

The Hobbses


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