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New Beginnings and Old Friends

Today was a powerful day.  Up north, at Eagle’s Nest Fellowship, my buddy Paul Wilson had his first Sunday as the Worship Director there.  He’s filling my position that I just rolled out of two weeks ago.  Here, Liberty Christian Fellowship had an installation service for me as the new Worship Pastor, as well as, an ordination service for our Youth Pastor, Jamie Smith.  Eagle’s Nest, Liberty, Paul, Jamie, Myself, our church and personal families are beginning new journeys today.  The next season.

At the same time, Paul was surrounded by family and some friends at Eagle’s Nest who have known and loved them for years.  Jamie was surrounded by the students in the youth ministry, his family, and influential people in his life.  I have come back to the place where much of my spiritual formation was set in stone.  I spent every summer out here, from the time I was 10 until I was 17 or so, in ministry with Creative Ministries being discipled and trained.  Today in worship we sang “Wait”, one of the songs that has been a heart cry for me for many years.  The song was written by my buddy Joseph Andrew Sasser who went to be with Jesus in 2005, but his mark on my life was here today as we sang that song.

It is amazing to me how the God we serve really is “working (in and through) all things to the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose”.  Here we are in this moment and the relationships that surround us now and come with us from our past God uses to form us.  What a joy to be called according to His purpose and be a participant in the divine nature.  We were created to be in relationship with our Heavenly Father and in community with one another.  Today is one of those days when I can look around the world I have been placed in and can see it.  For Eagle’s Nest, Liberty, the church families, Paul, Jamie, My self, and our families.  It is good.

I step forward in great anticipation into this new season and celebrate the relationships that have been part of bringing me here.  We will never be the same and we get to share this journey with friends.

I want to encourage you all.  You were made for your Heavenly Father and you were made for community with one another.  The relationships you invest in and, in turn, invest in you, shape your life.  The book of Proverbs has so much to say about being wise about the relationships you keep.  Sow richly into the lives of those God has you walking with on your journey and you too will have those seasons where you are surrounded by friends who have been part of getting you there.


Musical Idolatry?

Here is a fantastic post from Bob Kauflin regarding keeping music in it’s proper place in our worship lives.  Be sure and take a read.

“Gift or God?” by Bob Kauflin at


Family and Ministry Update

Hi Everybody! We are in the process of getting settled in here in North Carolina.  It has been a crazy whirlwind of activity over the last several months, culminating in the big move last week.  We loaded up, in the snow following the crazy blizzard, with an amazing crew of North Carolina and Delaware folks on hand.  It has been such a powerful experience to see God uniting two church families.  I am really looking forward to the future as we begin to do some events and ministry together.  Not only did people from Liberty Christian Fellowship come up to load us up, but Eagle’s Nest Fellowship folks took the four and a half hour trip down to move us in.

Victoria and Joseph will begin school on Monday (pending we get some mail so we can prove we live here!).  They both are excited and ready for the adventure!  Lisa is busy unpacking boxes and setting up house.  I had my first day at the church office on Monday and spent the day being force fed from a fire hose the information I need to get rolling.  It was a tad overwhelming.  I will be directly responsible for the worship department and overseeing the other ministry leaders in the church.  I am tremendously excited about what the Lord has instore.  The people here are incredible and the joy of working in ministry again with my dad is more than I can express.

There is a stirring in my spirit about 2011 being a “harvest” year both in the natural and supernatural.  I will pray that is true for all of you as well.  What I do know is if we stay faithful to Jesus, hear Him, and do what He says, there are powerful things in store!  We covet your continued prayers as we embark on this journey!

Be sure and check our schedule page for 2011 ministry dates and stay tuned for updates.

Much love to our Eagle’s Nest family up north, Liberty Family here, and all the rest of ya!

The Hobbses


Dear Eagle’s Nest

It has been such a powerful and amazing journey for Lisa, the kids, and I over the last 4 years with all of you.  We arrived at Eagle’s Nest in the winter of 2006 with great anticipation, excitement, curiosity, and wonder.  We quickly found family and friends who received us and embraced us.  Lisa and I have said numerous times that we have found some of the best friendships of our lives at Eagle’s Nest.  It has been incredible to see how God is moving mightily and powerfully in and through the lives of the Eagle’s Nest staff and family.

One phrase has come to my mind over and over in the last months during our transition to North Carolina, “I am so thankful!”

I am so thankful for people who loved us as if we have always been part of their family.  I am so thankful for a church who has embraced my wife and children and loved them with the love of Christ.  I am so thankful for a church who has willingly received us as we are and allowed us to freely pursue Christ.  I am so thankful for a church staff that passionately pursues the will of God and desperately wants to serve the congregation.  I am so thankful for a congregation of also passionately desires the will of God and wants to serve Christ together.  I am so thankful for church leadership that genuinely likes one another.  I am so thankful for Pastor Bob who has more integrity than just about anyone I have ever met.  He loves God and loves the people God has sent him to.  He has taught me how to lead people.  He has taught me how to make hard decisions in truth and love.  I am so thankful that my Pastor is my friend.  I am so thankful for Pastor Bill who without fear responded to the call of God and walked in outrageous favor because of his obedience.  I am so thankful for the staff that laughs together.  I am so thankful for lunches with Pastor Rodger, music and being a “bucket” with Pastor Mike, always knowing that Pastor John is doing beautiful, all of the crazy noises that Amy Brown makes, Matt Windsor’s insatiable appetite for good deals and the Gospel,  Kay Passwaters  being the nicest person in the building, for Leslie keeping us all on task, on time and off of rabbit trails, Larry Dasher fixing everything in the building that runs on electricity, and certainly for Linda Deaton (aunt Linda to my kids) who does all of those HUGE little things that no one sees.  I am thankful for Edie’s prayers and Jana’s kindess.  I am thankful for the school and it’s staff who have helped raise my children in the admonition of the Lord.  I am so thankful for those that work at the Camp Ground, Radio Station, and Day Care.  I am so thankful for a Worship Department that loves my family and takes care of us.  They are committed to lavishing Jesus with worship and washing the feet of the congregation they are called to serve.  They are my family and friends.  They have taught me so much.  They have been patient with me and covered my weaknesses.  I am so thankful to have been a part of seeing so many lives transformed.  I am so thankful for what the Lord has in store for all of us in the days ahead.

There are so many people that I could list and if I tried I couldn’t name them all.  There are so many memories and incredible stories I could tell, but there isn’t space to contain them.  Our journey through Delaware with you has been ordained by God and we are forever grateful.  I am just so thankful.

I am praying for all of you and you are forever in my heart.  Thank you so much for allowing us to journey with you, we are forever changed.  We miss you terribly already and it is going to be amazing to see what we are going to be doing together this year and the years to come.

I love you guys!

Scott, Lisa, and the Kids

New Song for Christmas

I have a friend at church named Patrick Clendaniel. He is always loving and full of joy. He isn’t inhibited by the opionions of others. He is one of the most free and childlike examples of worship I have ever known. Patrick has Down’s Syndrome. Every Sunday he finds me and hugs me, asks me about Christmas songs, shares with me his prayers and dreams. He is always passing me notes during church with statements about God’s kingdom coming, angels singing, his desires for miracles in his life, and his love for Christmas. So this Christmas, the Lord led me to take all of those notes and arrange Patrick’s thoughts and prayers into a song for Christmas. We worked on the song with the worship deprartment and sang it during our Christmas service with Patrick in the choir.  I pray it speaks to you as much as it has all of us!

Take a listen at the link below!

Join With the Angels by Patrick Clendaniel,  Arranged by Scott Hobbs

Merry Christmas to all of you from the Hobbses!

Big Business

Jesus knew how to prioritize.  He was on a mission and every step was in line with His daddy’s plan.  What was amazing is that all of the other powerful and wonderful things that flowed out of Jesus’ ministry came from Him taking care of the Father’s business.

In Luke 2:49, we find Jesus informing His folks that He was keenly aware of what needed to be taken care of and that He was right where He needed to be.  They had gone to Jerusalem as a family to celebrate the Passover.  As they left the city, Jesus remained in the temple taking care of His Father’s business.  After a bit of travel they noticed He was missing and went back for Him.  They found Him in the temple amazing the teachers with His answers and questions.

“Why were you searching for me?” he asked. “Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?”

From the early years of Jesus’ life, we find that His course was set.  He was here to listen to His daddy and do what He said.  Again, everything that flowed from Jesus in His ministry was in line with Him doing the Father’s will.

We get so frantic, I know the Hobbses have been since we have been in transition mode.  We make our plans and we rush to do everything first.  We worry about making sure everything is taken care of.  We wind up making a mess.  Or at least, we become a mess in the process.  The Great Commission and Great Commandment go out the window while we handle all of our stuff.

The truth is, we need to plan and be wise.  However, if we would just remember Jesus and prioritize our Father’s business, everything else can take it’s proper place and we can walk in His peace.

How can we do this?  Jesus said He had to be in His Father’s house.  Is that where you are?  Have you recognized your need to be in the presence of your Heavenly Father and about His business?  Stop all of the craziness for a moment, get alone with God, worship and fellowship with Him, then ask Him what needs to be done next.

When Jesus was beginning His public ministry and was baptized by John on that day, Jesus Father said, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”.  Jesus had been about His daddy’s business already and His daddy was pleased.

Right Perspective

I think this line from Keith Green really captures the proper perspective on the Christian life.

“Make my life a prayer to You, I wanna do what you want me to.  No empty words and no white lies, no token prayers, no compromise.”